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Mr. Arthur W. Belden Jr. founded Control Specialists Company in 1965 in Orlando Florida. Originally a sales company specializing in engineering controls, today Control Specialists Company is divided into two departments with emphasis in the traffic signal and traffic engineering industry. The two departments are:

  • Construction and Installation
  • Product Sales and Service

Mr. Belden was born in Wheeling, West Virginia, attended high school in Birmingham, Alabama, served as an officer in the United States Navy and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Louisville in 1947. Mr. Belden came to Florida in 1949, chosen as one of the first 50 employees of the Joint Long Range Proving Ground facility at Patrick Air Force Base, Cocoa Beach, later known as NASA. Following a two-year recall to active duty in the Navy, he was employed as the Florida representative of The Electric Storage Battery Company. In 1956, Mr. Belden joined Ward Engineering Company, Orlando, as a manufacturer's representative for such products as pump controls elevators, instruments and traffic signals. He became President of Ward Engineering in 1963.

In December of 1965, Mr. Belden and his wife Alice founded Control Specialists Company. In the Florida room of their Orlando home, the two established a solid foundation, and leaning on their faith and trust in God, built the business which continues to grow and flourish. Mr. Belden retired from his position of President and Chairman of the Board of Directors on December 31, 1990. Mrs. Belden, who worked as the company secretary, office manager, and bookkeeper throughout these years, now continues to serve on the corporation's Board of Directors. Mr. Belden's father, Colonel A.W. Belden, set up the accounting books for the company in 1965 and served as the company's Treasurer for many years. Although established as a sole proprietorship in 1965, the Company was incorporated in 1971.

In 1973, Control Specialists Company began their efforts in traffic signal installation and maintenance (using a pick-up truck with an adjustable ladder). The Company's first Florida DOT construction project was as a subcontractor to Hubbard Construction in 1974.

In 1977, Mr. and Mrs. Belden's son, Mr. W. Bruce O'Donoghue, joined the company having completed his requirements for a B.A. degree in History/Urban Studies from the University of Florida. While attending the University, Mr. O'Donoghue was inducted into the University of Florida's Hall of Fame, Florida Blue Key, Who's Who Among Students and Order of Omega.

Mr. O'Donoghue has served the Company as Director of Sales and Development, Sales Manager, Vice President of Sales and Vice President of Operations. Mr. O'Donoghue became President and Chief Executive Officer in 1990. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Florida Section and District Five Institute of Transportation Engineers, AGC of Mid-Florida, the Florida D.O.T. Traffic Operations Quality Improvement Team, and the National Joint Committee of AGC-AASHTO-ARTBA. He was also appointed to the Governor's Conference of Small Business Affairs.

Mr. Belden's business philosophy has always been to "serve the customer first". This philosophy has proven successful, providing for long standing customer relations. Every employee: skilled or unskilled, management, clerical, or janitorial; is required to demonstrate this philosophy in their work.

Being the President and/or owner of a company brings tremendous responsibility, not only for one's customers but the company's employees and others, including suppliers and vendors. Coping with the stress and daily activity can often change the character of a company and its owners. Fortunately for Control Specialists Company, Mr. Belden realized the need for outside guidance in his founding of this Company. The principle foundation of the Company is based on Christian principles and faith and trust in God. This one characteristic does not mean mistakes are not made within the Company because, after all, we are human beings subject to error. However, this faith and trust in God provides a means for hope, grace to seek wisdom and guidance in our business activity, and to offer thanksgiving for the success and prosperity of the Company.

In America, we have the privilege of living in a country that provides us with "Freedom of Religion", where every American has the freedom to pursue his own religious choice. At Control Specialists Company, all employees are treated equally and with respect and dignity, regardless of religious belief. We have a wonderful opportunity for individual and corporate success at our Company, and we do not take this opportunity for granted.

Let us demonstrate to your ability to serve you in such a way that it will be clear that Control Specialists Company distinguishes itself far above all other companies.

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