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The primary mission of Control Specialists Company, as it relates to its customers, is to provide and offer the products and services necessary for effective and efficient traffic engineering in order to satisfy their immediate needs with the knowledge that the product and/or service has been provided in such a professional manner that they will desire to continue to ask Control Specialists to provide any product or service we offer on a repeat basis. The result of accomplishing our mission to our customers will be increased customer satisfaction and increased market share.

Our mission, as it relates to our employees, is to provide employment for fair wages and benefits while providing a challenging environment where their lives are enhanced and encouraged in every way possible; granting them new opportunities as the company grows; and encouraging them to adopt our mission statement in their daily work and home life. The result of accomplishing our mission to our employees will be a decrease in employee turnover and attrition while developing more satisfied, productive employees.

Our mission, as it relates to our owners, is to be faithful and good stewards of the opportunity God has granted us to perform. Therefore, being a prosperous organization and giving a witness to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in our lives and others. The result of accomplishing our mission to our owners will be pleasing in the eyes of God as we attempt to love Him in our work as well as our home. 

Developed by Arthur W. Belden and W. Bruce O’Donoghue, July 14, 1988.

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