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LightGuard Systems Inc
  • The cost -effective solution for pedestrian safety.
  • Ideal for Crosswalks at mid block locations.
  • Proven through years of studies, to increase driver awareness of pedestrian traffic.

See it in action (4 megabytes)

The LightGuard™ System alerts motorists that they are approaching an occupied crosswalk using LED flashing lights embedded in the roadway surface on both sides of the crosswalk directed toward the oncoming traffic. When activated by pedestrian pushbutton or automatic activation mechanism, the flashing amber lights are visible to the approaching motorist as an advance warning to permit vehicles to slow down and stop for a crossing pedestrian. The flash-rate, placement, and aiming of the in-roadway LED signal heads captures the attention of motorists and are visible down the entire motorist-viewing-path conveying the simple message to "pay attention, something is happening ahead".

The System is activated only when a pedestrian is present. This ensures optimum effectiveness on driver behavior over time to command the respect of the roadway users. No additional markings or signage are required and no existing motor vehicle laws are affected.

Automatic Activiation Bollards
can be placed as much as 50 feet apart.

Automatic Activation Bollards and/or pedestrian push buttons on either side of the crosswalk activate the System.

A row of LED lights on the push button sign flash to indicate that the System has been activated, however, the in-roadway LED lights were designed to alert approaching motorists, not the pedestrian, that the System is operating. The Push Button Sign carries the words CROSS WITH CAUTION below the row of LED lights.

Approaching the crosswalk, the driver will notice amber LED signals flashing in unison at a flash rate designed for maximum recognition. Flashing amber lights are the standard signal for hazardous conditions and are readily recognized by the motoring public.

All components of the system operate on 12 volt DC. The system may be powered by 120 volt AC, or by a stand alone solar battery system.

Exciting December, 2000 MUTCD Release! (.pdf)

Read the FDOT's evaluation of Lightguard Systems (.pdf)

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